City council believes Tyson pork plant in Perry, Iowa will reopen

City council believes Tyson pork plant in Perry, Iowa will reopen


PerryNext was developed for residents affected by the closure. It is a joint effort between local, county and state agencies to attract businesses, provide labor and address social issues in the community. This group has held two job fairs where residents could find local and driving distance jobs so they don’t have to relocate. Peterson said they also wanted to attract new employers to the area to help the available workforce.

“This group has done a great job of instilling a sense of optimism in our local workforce,” he added. “Perry has seen many challenges over the years as this plant changed hands and the railroad left town. We are resilient and will find what we need for our residents.”

Peterson said they were also thinking about the affected agricultural producers in the area and hoped that reopening the plant would help those people as well.


The Perry plant slaughtered 9,000 hogs a day, coming from some of Iowa’s 6,000 hog farms that market more than 45 million animals annually. Those hogs were likely sent to Tyson’s three other pork processing plants in Iowa.

The Storm Lake plant currently slaughters 17,250 animals daily, the Waterloo plant slaughters 19,500 pigs and the Columbus Junction plant slaughters 10,350 pigs.

The closure hit Perry’s largest employer and will impact other businesses in town as well. Peterson said the loss of a large number of students at the school could cost the district’s budget more than $2 million.

“Fortunately, our school has a year to figure out how to deal with the budget cuts. Our other companies don’t have that luxury,” he said. “We remain optimistic that the plant can reopen.”

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