Tennessee man ‘accidentally’ shoots his wife’s friend

Tennessee man ‘accidentally’ shoots his wife’s friend

Raven Moore and Quametra Wilborn

50 minutes ago

MEMPHIS, Tennessee – A man has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after police say he “accidentally” killed his wife’s friend while playing with a loaded gun.

On July 6, officers responded to a shooting in the 4000 block of W. Gadwell Drive.

When they arrived, they found an unconscious woman with a gunshot wound.

The Memphis Fire Department arrived and transported her to Regional One Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

A witness at the scene gave officers the victim’s name and said her husband, Adrian Martinez, 29, picked the two women up from work.

She said when they arrived at the victim’s residence, she heard her husband calling for the victim and there was a loud bang. When she turned around, her friend was bleeding from her neck.

The witness said she knew Martinez believed the gun was empty.

When he spoke to investigators, he told them that he picked up his wife and the victim from work to drive them home.

He said that when they got there, he cocked his gun, said the victim’s name and pointed it at her. That’s when a shot was fired.

WREG spoke to two of the victim’s neighbors, all of whom agreed that this tragedy could have easily been prevented.

“You’re old enough not to play with it,” said a neighbor. “You know better.”

“Whether you were playing or whatever the situation was, there should never have been a gun drawn,” said another neighbor.

He told investigators he was playing and didn’t believe the gun was loaded. When he realized this, he dropped the magazine and called 911. However, because of the language barrier, they couldn’t understand him.

Martinez is scheduled to appear in court on July 8.

Local residents say this is another reason to always be safe when handling weapons.

“There’s a lot of violence when it comes to guns,” said one neighbor. “Put those guns away.”