Popular Idaho drive-in theater narrowly escapes destruction by fire

Popular Idaho drive-in theater narrowly escapes destruction by fire

It’s officially that time of year – fire season. It seems as the temperatures rise, so do the calls to our local fire departments and wildfire fighters. Some are unpreventable – others are completely preventable. Add a few fireworks to the mix and you have a pretty dangerous fire hazard.

Some terrifying images of a fire in Caldwell quickly appeared on the internet – many believed a popular local business was on fire!

Next to the Terrace Drive-In Theater, flames several meters high blazed and hearts were shocking just the thought that this place could burn down.

Since the photos (and the news) appeared, we know that the fire was indeed miss the theater and burned in a field right next to the facility.

Check out the fire below and what people were saying online:

Large fire in Caldwell narrowly misses popular summer attraction

We are glad that there was no damage or destruction at the Terrace Drive-In Theater

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We are grateful that the theater is safe and the fire was quickly extinguished

After what was sure to be a long weekend for emergency responders in the Treasure Valley, Caldwell Police released a statement about how busy they were – including the fire near the Terrace Drive-In:

Between 8:00 a.m. on July 4th and midnight on July 7th, we received 571 calls. We responded to everything from accidents to fireworks, drug arrests, DUIs and more. During that time period, we made 21 arrests.

We also assisted the Caldwell Fire Department with traffic control following a fire on Main Street and a fire near the Terrace Drive-In.

Although we responded to all of these emergency calls, there were no major incidents in the city.

571 calls total!? My goodness – thanks to the Caldwell Police Department for keeping everyone safe over the long weekend!

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