Tennessee releases TCAP progress results from student tests

Tennessee releases TCAP progress results from student tests

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WDEF) – Education officials in the state of Tennessee say students continue to make progress on mandatory TCAP testing this spring.

They reported the numbers on Monday.

Spring 2023–24 State-Level TCAP Overview:

· English Language Proficiency (ELA): Overall, 39% of all students meet the expectations of their grade level. Performance improvements have been seen in most grade levels tested. Primary and secondary school performance continues to exceed pre-pandemic levels.

· Mathematics: In grades 3 to 8, 40% of students meet their grade level expectations in mathematics, with an increase of almost three percentage points in grades 5 and 7.

· Science: Overall, proficiency rates in science remained stable, with students’ overall proficiency increasing by one percentage point.

· Social Studies: Results show a one percentage point increase for all students tested on the social studies test, indicating continued improvement over the past three years.

What all this means for parents and schools will not be published until July.

But in the meantime, Hamilton County officials said today they were pleased with the progress students made last year.

State lawmakers ordered the tests several years ago, while threatening to demote third-graders if they did not make sufficient progress.

This caused many teachers to panic, but the number of students held back was actually very small.

Instead, the governor spoke positively about the process.

“Tennessee’s strategic investments in education have resulted in steady growth in student enrollment across the state,” said Governor Bill Lee.

“We continue our work to ensure that all Tennessee students are achieving grade-level learning. At the same time, we remain committed to supporting teachers and providing diverse pathways to success so that all students can succeed in their academic journey.”