Ocean County advises caution with fireworks before July 4th

Ocean County advises caution with fireworks before July 4th

The Ocean County Board of Commissioners is asking residents to leave the fireworks to the professionals in anticipation of the Fourth of July.

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OCEAN, NJ — As Independence Day approaches, Ocean County authorities are advising residents to be cautious when handling fireworks and other explosive devices.

According to a press release from the Ocean County Board of Commissioners, more than 2,000 children are injured by fireworks each year across the state, with a large percentage of those injuries occurring around Independence Day.

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“Many of our communities have exciting fireworks displays planned for the Fourth of July,” said Barbara Jo Crea, director of the Ocean County Board of Commissioners. “I encourage our families and visitors alike to enjoy one or more of these professionally arranged spectacular shows.”

Although it is legal to buy some fireworks in New Jersey, even these devices can pose serious safety risks. Crea says children may be tempted by colorful firework packages in stores ahead of the holidays.

“If you insist on purchasing legal fireworks, please carefully follow safety instructions and keep the items out of the reach of small children,” she said.

Board of Commissioners Deputy Director Gary Quinn said that in addition to legally purchased fireworks, traveling to another state and bringing the devices into New Jersey could result in heavy fines.

“The possession or use of fireworks that are common in other states is often prohibited in New Jersey,” Quinn said.

As Independence Day approaches, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has released a list of safety tips for handling common fireworks:

  • Have a bucket of water or hose ready in case of an accident or fire.
  • Set off one firework at a time and quickly move to a safe distance.
  • Do not hold burning fireworks in your hand.
  • Do not pick up fireworks that do not work or attempt to relight them.